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Assalam. I am Nazihah and you are here because you are curious about me. Yes? NO? Okay.

*Hello my precious*

Okay I won’t creep you guys out. Based on the title, you are curious to know about me don’t you? ;P

I assumed it is the case because I only click on About Me tab/section when I really am curious about the writer. Hehehehe.

I am the owner of HupSeng Cicah Teh O. Stick around for a bit and read my random posts!

Anyway, my name is Nazihah. And since you are kind enough to take a chunk of your time to read my blog, you are now officially my friend! You can call me Emon because it’s what my friends call me. :D

I had an epiphany while I was in the bathroom, “Why do you write in English?” Well, if you are wondering why, it is simply because I want to improve my English speaking skill.

How writing will help speaking? I love reading and I always read English novels, magazine and textbooks. When I find vocabulary/sentences that I am not familiar with, I jot it down in my notebook (I did this ever since I was little) and writing is a good way to apply them and help me understand more. I also want to educate people to learn English and love the language.

Tapi kalau korang nak baca dalam Bahasa Melayu, boleh ke SINI cuma saya akan fokus lebih menulis dalam English. Hari2 saya cakap BM, jadi apa salahnya berbahasa English pula betul tak? ;) 

Picture of my classmates and I on top of Penang's Light House.

I am 25 years old, born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Selangor. Currently living in Pulau Pinang and is pursuing Degree in Mechanical (Manufacturing) Engineering in UiTM Permatang Pauh. It is an interesting course if you asked me. I completed my diploma in the same university and course.

A few of my interests includes playing with makeup, experimenting with different styles of editing, reading novels and recently I fell in love with hiking. As you can see from the above picture, my friends and I went to Penang's National Park and hiked up to the light house. The view of the ocean from that height of AMAZING!

I have had this blog for few years and recently I decided to start over with a clean canvas and here we are with very sparse content. New posts will be up soon if not later. Hope you guys don’t mind sticking around while I get this blog situation sorted.

In the meantime, you can fine me on my social media’s platforms:

·       Twitter: A great place if you want to know what’s going on in my head, not so much about life. But be aware that I am very aunty-like. Im a 45yo lady in 25yo body.

·       Instagram: Personal // Business (I sell Muslimah Dresses, Jubah and beauty products)

·       Pinterest: I pin a lot. Okay, that somehow reminded me of voodoo dolls. XD

·       Carousell: If you are interested in any of my used items. I used to sell preloved items on FriendlyFashion website.

That is all for today's short introduction. I'll update from time to time. It's 1.35 am as I type this and I should really go to sleep. Thanks and have a lovely day y'all! :D

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