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Monthly Favorites: March 2014

Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~

March ended and it is April now.
I am armed and ready with a new monthly favorite!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

On 6th of March, I went to the campus for a talk by the degree student's coordinator at our faculty's meeting room.

There are a lot of lecturer's room and I met some of my lecturers that taught me when I studied for my diploma. 

Mr.Hakim, Mr.Halmy and Mr.Faiz to be exact.

Please don't let my lecturers read this. *Finger crossed*
But if any of you read this, just pretend you didn't and PLEASE DO NOT MENTION it to my face if we meet in the future.

I am not sure if I should just walk and say hi or just smile and walk away because in my head, I am nobody to them, just one of the thousands of students they teach.

I smiled to Mr.Hakim since he was walking fast, means I do not need to struck a super awkward and short conversation.

Saw Mr.Halmy walked to his room while I waited for my friend and smiled at him too.

By the end of the talk, I saw Mr.Faiz and tried to walk as fast as I could but then he saw me and say hi. Few moments later, Mr.Halmy get out of his room and we talked for a bit. It was weird.

I mean, after nearly a year not seeing my lecturers and on the second day I was at the campus, met two of them in one place and talked to each other was weird.

Later Mr.Halmy said, "Wow, you continue degree here too eh? Good for you, Thank God I let you pass your paper."

Not exactly like that but pretty similar.

It was quite awkward because I do not think that their impression towards me was the best since I'm not the most excellent student nor I'm the worst.

 Let's just say, I am paranoid and these kind of situation makes me uncomfortable.

After I went to the toilet, bumped into my lecturers again and this time, Mr.Faiz asked me where is Biha and I told him she continued degree at UniKL and I said I'm kind of a lone ranger for now. 

The reply he made was out of nowhere and quite funny. 

Mr.Faiz, "You should find yourself a boyfriend then."

I was like,


 How the heck he knows I don't have one. Is it too obvious?

Is it written on my face?


Which book(s) did you read?

I am currently reading Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl as well as Richard Branson's Like A Virgin super slowly.

Favorite movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos?


300 : Rise of an Empire

I watched this movie unintentionally. 

By that, what I meant was, I wanted to watch Divergent but TGV at AEON Perda don't have it and I was devastated and was too lazy to go to Sunway Carnival's GSC. 

I wanted to watch it so much even before the movie was out but over time, I forgotten how excited I was. So I watched it, by myself and some other people in the cinema and THE MOVIE WAS SO GOOD!

Yes it was gory and so much *fap-able* moments and OH MY GOD THEIR BODIES I CAN'T EVEN

I really appreciate the cinematography (wow, such words. Sorry I don't have any other fancy words) was SUPERB! 

Dear Themistokles, as much as I like you and the way you lead...


I can't lie, I LOVE XERXES more! 



And Artemisia OH MY LAWD.

She is like the epitome of a badass cold hearted but oh-so-cool bitch! 
(MOVE Riri. Sorry not sorry!) 

And Queen Gorgo, her killing scene was amazing! 


I might get a lot of dislikes with this but I just have to say it.



Lets start with the casts.

Tris, the stiff from Abnegation.

I do not get why they decide to cast a super curvy girl to play Tris? 
Tris was supposedly be a thin girl with no curve whatsoever and is not attractive in terms of her appearance.

Four @ Tobias

Isn't he is too old to be the Four from the book?
Not that I don't like him, he is super hot and I like him very much but I do not understand why the movie people don't give him a blue contacts? 

I am not sure if it is my fault of having too much hope for the movie or what, but I am seriously wasn't enjoying myself like I did while watching 300: Rise on an Empire.

Before you all nags me on how I should read the book, YES I DID AND THAT IS WHY I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE.

But I wasn't expecting the movie would follow the scenes as well as the chronological order nearly as close exactly as the book. With books, we can imagine the scene and stuff while we read. 

Movies that are adapted from book supposedly be better then the book since the scene is right in front of our eyes and with all the technologies, it SHOULD be better! 

I do not appreciate the fact they don't include the "butter knife" scene.

I do not appreciate the way the movie moves too fast in terms of the development of friendship within the characters as well as Tris' relationship with Four. It lacks so much details.

I do not appreciate the scene of when Tris was in Four's fear landscape. Tris was the one who supposedly help Four go through his fears not the other way around!

I shall stop here or this whole post will be me ranting about Divergent.

TV Series

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 & Season 5

I finally catch up on TVD after ignoring them for so long. 

I had a TVD marathon at the start of March so I don't really remember about 75% of it. Oh well. 

The Originals

Who can't resist watching The Originals family?


I just can't get enough.

Something that made you proud of yourself?

I went to a camp called Kem Semut 3.0 organized by The Recreational Club at my uni. 

I went alone. 
I am the only one from my batch of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

I do not know ANYONE from the camp before I decided to join the camp.

But I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and the experience was amazing. I will do a seperate post on the camp soon. 

(P/s: My mid-semester break starts on 14th April)

Did you travel anywhere?

Penang with Childhood Friends

Pulau Pinang's Mainland -> Pulau Pinang's Island

I went to Penang with my childhood friends; Aimi, Tney & Zeefa. We planned on meeting at Bukit Bendera at first but NO THANKS to Waze, we were lost and ended up meeting at Nasi Kandar Line Clear. 

Talked and ate for about an hour and few minutes and was charged a whooping RM9 for parking which is ridiculous but all is good. It's all about memories and experience!


Later we parked near a mosque and we walked around the Street Art by foot and take loads of picture despite of whatever other people thinks. I will dedicate a special post for this soon!

Gunung Nuang, Selangor

UiTM -> Gunung Nuang -> UiTM

Went to Gunung Nuang for a camp called Kem Semut 3.0 and it was amazing!

Even though I was born and practically raised in Selangor my whole life, I don't even know about the existence of a place called Gunung Nuang! 

Which food did you try and loved?

I went back to salads.
I just love them.

I can eat salads all day everyday.

Tuna Salad

Favorite song(s) that you have been listening to?

I listen to pretty much all the songs I listened in January & February.
That's just how I roll. LOL.

Favorite products, accessories, clothes, etc?

I am a creature of habit and when I find something that works for me, I tend to stick with them hence the appearance of The Balm's Time Balm Concealer again and again and again.

As you can see, I've used half of the container and I wore them nearly everyday since September until January.

And I still have a lot of it considering the fact that I only used it for my under eyes area. 

I don't have bad dark circle but I love the way my eyes look (fresher & more awake than I actually am) with the concealer on. 

Plus, I never liked wearing foundation because it is super heavy!

To the citizen of Malaysia who are constantly battling with the hot, humid and sweaty condition, I can assure you this eyeliner will stick throughout the day. 

Mini review on IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner in WG02 Dark Brown:

I've tried it with the usage of Two Faced Shadow Insurance (eye makeup primer) since I have a very oily eyelids and the liner still intact even after 8 hours. It doesn't smudge, doesn't transfer & it is great!

P/s: I used Bobbi Brown's gel liner too sometimes, even though they do not smudge, I find them transfer on my lid at the end of the day even if I used my primer.

This eyeliner have to be the best waterproof gel liner I have ever used!

What is left and I need to purchase more!

I was scrolling my Facebook's feed and stumbled upon a new post by I-Love-Freebies' (as much as I don't want anymore people find out about this but I can't NOT share it, go like their page and grab whatever freebies available, FAST!) on the cleansing oil and I have been dying to try them. 

My friend's sister use it and back when I worked at Watson, Guardian was giving out free samples but I was a little late and didn't get one.

After the process of filling in forms on Biore's app, I waited patiently for the mail to reach me and when I got it I was soooooooooo excited!

The bottle is a 5ml sample and it has lasted me for a solid month. I wear makeup 85% of the time in that 1 month however, I do not wear liquid foundation and mascara hence the reason why I only need a little bit of it every time I wash my face.

Mini Review on Biore Cleansing Oil:

The smell is great! 
It smells really nice but if you have sensitive skin, you might want to try it a little first before committing on using it 100%.

Cleansing Oil only
Tried using only the cleansing oil, it makes my skin feels clean and I've tested few times by wiping my face with Watsons' wet tissue and there is little to none makeup residue.

I will make a more in-depth review soon!

This is my usual makeup look. 

Looks can be deceiving, I do not have perfect skin (as potrayed in the picture).
Thanks to the power of makeup, I can achieve this "No-Makeup Makeup" look. 

I sound like those YouTubers who made this kind of makeup tutorials :P

Dear GripGO,

You serves me so well and I am really glad that I decided to purchase you after that shitty I-Don't-Know-What-Brand-The-Other-Phone-Holder-That-I-Bought from Jusco's Car section!

The green jelly thingy is super great at suctioning my phone!

What did you learn?

2.3.14 12.20am

Car Towed
  Do NOT park at the sideways of Gurney Drive's roundabout for more than an hour.

If you wish to eat at the food court area in front of the McDonald's near Gurney Drive, park you car at McDonald's parking area and keep your eyes out for MPPP tow truck!

18.3.14 10.05pm


Even at the age of 23, JPJ officer never believed me. 

Always ask for my license. Got pulled over, AGAIN, while on the way back home from campus.

Throughout March
My hamster obsession.

If you didn't know already, I have a slight obsession every 6 months which means, in 1 year, there will be 2 or more different subject / matter / things I will be obsessing over.

Throughout march, my obsession towards hamsters was OUT OF CONTEXT of the term obsessed and I still am! 

I am always searching for items, tips, guides, videos and forums to make a hamster's life fun and better.

Lets start with my tragic story of owning a pair of hamsters.

Before I decided to drove all the way from KL to Penang, I decided to adopt a pair of Syrian hamsters from my friend. 

Her hamster gave birth about 2 months before I adopted them and they are so cute!

They are long-haired cream banded Syrian also known as Teddy Bear hamsters.

And the tragic thing was, they died after ONLY 6 days I owned them.

I have little to none knowledge of how to take care of hamsters until I found out about Hamster Hideout Forum. Now, you can always find me there either asking questions or replying to other people's posts or just lurking around feeling jealous of how amazing their hamster's cage set ups!

This is an example of a "Hamster Project" of mine.

Acrylic Hamster Tank. 


This tank is still under designing process and I have not finalize the deal with the acrylic supplier. 

I sworn to myself to not rush into owning a hamster again!

You can find me on HamsterHideout's Forums:

I hope this post was interesting to read! 

TLDR; My lecturer, "You should find a boyfriend."
Reading: Beautiful Darkness & Like A Virgin
Watched: 300 Rise of an Empire, Divergent, The Vampire Diaries marathon, The Originals
Went: Camping & Hiking at Gunung Nuang, Day out with childhood friends at Penang's Street Art 
Loving: Time Balm Concealer, IN2IT Gel Liner, Biore Cleansing Oil, GripGO
Learnt; Car towed, Pulled Over (AGAIN) by JPJ, Hamsters Obsession


Monthly Favorites: January 2014 & February 2014

Well well well, look what we have here. 

A new post!


The last post was on the 1st update of my Journey to Degree which was nearly a month ago. On February, I also posted a random post about my 2014 Journal, New Mission & Favorite Pens which match what I planned for the blog. 

I planned specifically to post (at least) TWO posts in a month. However, January was a fail since I only posted my November & December 2013 Favorites.  

No excuses but sorry.
Thank goodness I didn't reveal my whole plan for my blog. The plan I wrote left in Selangor anyway. Oh well, I have to make a new one soon.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Honestly, I can't remember :P

Which book(s) did you read?


I read Divergent by Veronica Roth. 

It was introduced by a friend of mine from Daiso, Siew Eng but since my cousin have the book, he forced me to read it and I am happy to obliged since I am curious how can these two can be so obsessed with the book.

I don't really understand the craze over Dystopian-type novel but now I do. 

Here is my review:

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to read this book it blows my mind!

It took me about +- 8 hours to finish it. Yes, I did check the time as of when I start & stop reading. Just a habit of mine.

Divergent tells a story about a world that comprises of five factions; Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite and Candor. Each held on different values and the people of each faction must follow them.

When the teenagers read the age of 16, they must take an aptitude test to determine which faction they belong to before the Choosing Ceremony which the teenagers will have to make their choice either to stick with their family or abandon them.

Okay, let's cut to the chase.

Since I am not really good at telling the story and there are hundreds if not thousands people who have reviewed this; might as well check theirs!

I personally wish I can have the relationship between Tris and Four. I am so jealous of them yet I get those warm fuzzy feeling when they are together.

Okay, I think I might reread this book soon since I don't have the next book. Okay, roger & OUT!

View all my reviews

I also devoured The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

I was intrigued to read the book because of Kristy or StrawberryElectric48 on YouTube was raving about the book and how she can't wait for the movie. 

If you know me, I have the tendency to either want to read a book before it is released as a movie or completely ignore the book after I watched the movie.

Since the opportunity to read is right in my grasp, I chose to read and I AM GLAD I DID. The book makes me want to start running again so that I know I am physically fit to run in desperate times. Hehe.

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)The Maze Runner by James Dashner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I successfully read the entire book without comparing it to The Hunger Games (the movie not the book since I haven't read them).

The first few chapter was really slow and confuses me. It take a while to understand the terms used and to understand the life at the Glade which is in the middle of a freaking huge maze. I think I pretty much feel Thomas' pain of not understanding the life there since everyone keeps saying that he will soon find out.

Even from the early chapter, I liked Chuck and I HATED Gally.

And while reading the book, I keep thinking what if I were thrown there and forced being a runner? I am sure I can't even run half a mile. -_-

Must start working out. This book is a GREAT reminder as it is based on survival of the fittest both physically and mentally.

The ending was a major cliffhanger. There is another experiment? Phase 2? The Flare? WHAT?

I need to get my hands on the second book, PRONTO!

View all my reviews


Currently reading: My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick

Favorite movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos?


Walking with The Dinasour


TV Series


New episode's up:

Pretty Little Liars S4 E14
Ravenswood S1 E6
Revenge S3 E11
New Girl S3 E11

Just catching up on some TV Series I watched, that all.


I started watching Shahs Of Sunset

I knew about the show around end of last year but too lazy to start a new series since I already have loads to be watch. 

One day, I was bored and started browsing around and I watch it on a whim and was hooked. The rest is history. 

I highly recommend this show if you love Keeping Up with The Kardashian like I do.


Something that made you proud of yourself?


On 27th of February, I drove from Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

488 km in total.


Did you travel anywhere?


KL - Penang

Which food did you try and loved?


HOMEMADE Meatballs / Bolognaise Sauce 

My fav drink from Old Town: Xi Mut Milk Tea

Favorite song(s) that you have been listening to?

Currently on repeat:

Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail Album (Marked * top fav) :

Holy Grail*
Picasso Baby
Tom Ford*
Beach Is Better
Jay Z Blue

La Familia

Eminem - Stronger Than I Was

Justin Timberlake - Murder, Take Back The Night, TKO

Katy Perry - Dark Horse, Walking On Air, Unconditionally

Lady Gaga - Donatella, Applause, Mary Jane Holland

Nelly - 100k Ft. 2 Chainz

The Killers - Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young

Tyga - It Neva Rains, Molly Ft. Cedric Gervais, Wiz Khalifa, Mally Mall

Favorite products, accessories, clothes, etc?


Lush's Rock Star body soap but my personal favorite would be Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids body soap!

Finally done with this perfume!

That's all for now. This post was drafted for SOOOOO LONG! 
Have a wonderful day/night!


Journey to Degree: Update #1 : Accepting Degree Offer, Medical Checkup, Peeing in a Cup, Handsome Doctor

Written on: 5th of January 2014

Assalamualaikum and Good day to all of you who reads :)

Few days ago, 30th of January to be exact, I checked for my Degree application result and ALHAMDULILLAH I got it (thanks to my dear friend, Tney for the link and reminder to check!). 

New semester will start on 3rd of March, less than 2 months from now!

To be perfectly honest, I was having mixed feeling before hitting the Accept button because I had a lot of thoughts in my brain. Not that I am ungrateful or happy about the result, I just personally have a problem of thinking too much too soon. 

The idea of going & not going for it was equally proportional so what better ways to do in this modern-day with all the technologies? I posted a picture on my Facebook and the responds was quite overwhelming, but in a good way.

I guess I just needed the boost from my friends & family that have go through the whole process of accepting the offer.

Okay enough with this weird little thoughts of mind (I just needed to get it out of my brain) and let's get on with few updates/stories I would like to share and maybe you would find interesting to read.

Journey to Degree

As per the title of this post, I am going to update my "Journey to Degree" as often as my time I will have on hand. 

I decided to do this just so that maybe one day I can read back and see how I was feeling or maybe it will help me get on track for my studies somehow. I am not sure how this going to turn out but it will be a little project of mine and I am hoping you guys would want to come along. :)

Of course after I hit the accept button, the next procedures are what I dreaded most since I have gone through them on 2007 for MRSM intake as well as 2009 for Diploma.

The first and foremost is printing the documents to be filled and checked. DONE.

Next, going to the medical checkup. DONE.

Medical Checkup Processes

I think this is the part I dreaded the most because the thought of peeing in a cup is just...ugh. But I successfully dragged my ass to the Community Clinic at 8 in the morning with my brother to make an appointment on 4th of February (my day off) and I didn't even bother to shower. 

The booking process was fairly easy. Just went to the counter and talked to the officer about the procedures and stuff I need to bring. Booked a medical checkup later the afternoon at 2 and went through the whole shenanigans.

Went back home and did 2 loads of laundry, not a surprise though because every time is the same amount of clothes. XD

At 1.45 pm, my little brother and I went back to the clinic and wait in line with the number 1313 on hand to be called. Called to the main counter for registration but am pretty sure my name are already registered since I went there twice for my previous medical checkups. Paid RM 20 and then I am instructed to go to counter 21, room 8, counter 7 and room 6.

At counter 21, my blood pressure and my weight are taken. Not too sure about sharing since I don't even sure if the readings indicates that I am fairly healthy or the other way around.

Room 8 is the X-ray room where I was instructed to take off my shirt, bra, necklace and hijab (the X-ray officer was a Muslim woman) and change into a red "shirt" which to be honest, I am fairly uncomfortable in doing so because who knows how many people have worn the "shirt" before I do. It went well nonetheless.

Then, the most icky and disgusting part starts at counter 7 which I have to take a small cup and pee in it. I know it is compulsory but every time I had to do it I dread myself just because the fact of peeing in a cup definitely does not sound hygienic. Not that I am a clean-freak but I just can't fathom the thoughts of peeing in a cup and holding it while you are peeing. 

Okay okay do not imagine what I just wrote.

I did it anyway and get it over with after few minutes.

Later I went to room 6 to get my eye checked and my vision is perfect. Thank goodness.

Then the boring part came, waiting in line again to be called by the doctor to finalize everything.

When my number was called, I was so anxious and I am so blank that when I walk back into room 6, I was clueless as of where I should go because there are few different stations but after few minutes the doctor called my name and asked me if it is my name. Guess I was in daze or something, I did not answer him the first time and he asked me again before I nodded. 

The doctor was a cool guy. He ask a lot about if I did this for continuing studies or working and ask if I have ever been into any surgeries and some other stuff. 

Dear doc, if you somehow came across this post and you are single, I think you are awesome & handsome! However you did make me feel a little uncomfortable and stiff when you asked to "lift" my hijab so that you can check heartbeat and my pulse. A little too close for my comfort. -_-

In the end, after the long 2 nearly 3 hours of being starving and sweaty and grossed out of peeing in a cup, I passed all the test so this is one of the things I can check off of my to do list!

Will update more as I dedicate time to finish up all of my to do list! ;)

P/s; Usually I proof-read and make few adjustments but it is quite late now and I don't really have the leisure to do so, please bear with me these few weeks or so IF I update more!


2014 Journal / Scrapbook, New Mission, Favorite Pens

This post is a random post of what I feel like sharing. I guess. Well, you'll see. :)

As what you see on the picture, yes, the book I bought from Friendly Fashion waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. They used to have their own website that I love to use so dearly but something came up and it is no longer for the use of us Malaysian. But they have an FB page though so if you would like to check them out, click HERE.

And that front cover of my "journal" is no longer that clean. I put some stickers and I might do an updated "Journal Insides/Contents". I'll figure out a better name for it once I put more thoughts on it ;) 

Okay, the reason I kept calling my journal a "Journal" because it doesn't look like one to be honest. It looks more like a scrapbook. 

I stick a lot of stickers, pictures, movie tickets and a bunch of other random stuff.

This is one of the few pages in it where I planned on writing things that came across my brain randomly. I have this tendency of getting random memories or ideas or scenes and a lot of things either at once or when I least expect it.

The appearance of the Baby Lips is just to tell you guys that I am using it ;P

And those pens are my favorite!

That's a lot more to be use so no more lip balm for me! Plus I have another Baby Lips, grape-flavored at my grandparents' house :D

A mini stationary supply haul.

I LOVE G-soft's pens especially, the X5 Ball Point Pen (the first in line). It makes writing super smooth.

G-soft's R100 Ball Point Pen are new to me, I'm just going to try them out since on the day I bought these, I can only find a pack of X5 pens. 


And yes, I LOVE blue pens. Black, not so much and I always have to get either xtra fine of fine point ball size :)

I don't remember the name of this plant, but I do remember when the flower blooms. My late mother loved this plant. We used to have a lot of it at my house when I was a child.

The first Laurell K.Hamilton's book I read was from the Anita Blake series, Skin Trade and I've been hooked ever since.

And now, it is my mission to collect the books from the series and I have nearly all as per the picture. Few more to go!

Psssst, Big Bad Wolf's Fireball Book Sale is NEAR!

15th February to be exact.

Thank goodness I am a single lady. My money won't be spent for Valentine's Day but it will be damn sure to be spent the next day for the Fireball Book Sale! 

Thanks for your time, I'll try to update more when I have time.