Saturday, December 2, 2017

10 Step Mudah Untuk Mendaftar Sebagai Driver Uber Malaysia (Pulau Pinang)

Assalamualaikum Sis & Bros

Memandangkan ini hari pertama sis sebagai Driver Uber, saja nak share macam mana nak mula cari duit poket bila ada masa terluang. Kita hidup zaman Jibby&Co kan. HA HAA HAAA :P

Proses nak daftar Uber (secara online) lebih mudah berbanding dengan GrabCar. Ni pengalaman sis sendiri la. Sebabnya aku dah daftar dengan GrabCar lebih 2 minggu, katanya nak contact dalam masa 3-5 hari bekerja tapi sampai kesudah takde email update ape2. Bersungguh tau aku daftar GrabCar dalam toilet kat office masa kerja kat Selayang tu. Zzz. Sis bukan curi tulang tapi sambil2 membuang tu baik la aku daftar GrabCar dari aku hadap Instagram kan.

Okay la, sambung cerita Uber. Ini beberapa tips untuk korang yang nak jadi driver Uber tapi taktau cemana nak start. Kita story2 santai2 okay.

1.       Daftar sebagai Driver Uber.
Sis & Bros boleh guna link ni.

Lepas korang daftar, korang akan receive beberapa email dari Uber (1-2 hari je korang dah setel daftar dengan Uber). Lepas setel je, korang ikut je arahan yang Uber bagi dalam email.

2.       Profile Picture
Lepas setel step 1, korang akan ada Uber Profile macam ni. 

So korang nak update gambar lain boleh la. Tapi sis nak update gambar, Uber taknak tukar pulak so sis terpaksa redho la walaupun muka aku macam ready nak gaduh je. Dear future customers, if you are reading this please forgive Uber for choosing that picture (and please appreciate my brows). 

3.       Partner-Driver Profile
Next step, korang boleh update sub-info pasal diri korang kat section ni. Cek la satu2 mana yang perlu. Sis tak larat nak taip sebenarnya sebab sekarang 1.45am. Zzzzzzzzzz.

4.       Payment
Dekat sini, korang perlu set bank akaun yang korang prefer untuk Uber bayar trip korang (untuk trip2 yang dibayar menggunakan credit card). Jangan terkejut ye, Uber cas processing fee 25% so diorang akan tolak terus dari bayaran guna CC tu.

5.       Settings
Untuk set navigation, korang boleh pilih dekat sini any navigation application pilihan hati korang. 

Kalau rasa nak kumpul points kat Waze, boleh pakai Waze. Sis guna Map Uber je sebab Waze sis suka crash (-_-“) dan Google Maps punya jalan Penang ni aku confuse sebab berselirat.

6.       Dah sedia nak drive? Slide to ONLINE!
Once korang dah Online, Uber akan display kawasan-kawasan yang ada Boost Fare jadi korang boleh la pilih kawasan mana tempat yang korang nak focus. 


7.       Ratings
Okay ini penting ye, bila korang drive Uber, rating kena jaga. 

Tak salah untuk korang remind rider untuk rate korang 5 star. Especially if korang yakin cara korang drive selamat dan rider pun sampai ke destinasi. Tapi, rating ni ikut rider jugak jadi banyak2 la berdoa semoga rider korang jenis ada budi pekerti bagi rating ikut servis dan bukan jenis kenderaan. 

Sis pun takut tapi kita kena fikir positif. InsyaAllah dipermudahkan.

8.       Earnings
Korang boleh tengok berapa gaji korang sebagai driver Uber. 

Ini apa yang sis dapat la, kalau korang rajin boleh dapat lagi banyak. Memandangkan sis tak berapa cekap sangat dengan kawasan sekitar Penang, macam terkial2 jugak la tapi takpe, nanti aku hadamkan map Penang. Semoga otak sis boleh hadam dan ingat (>_<). 

9.       Payouts
Ini Uber ambik as Processing Fee. 

Macam sis cakap dekat point ke-4, kalau ada rider bayar guna credit card, Uber akan tolak terus. Kalau rider korang semua bayar cash, perlu set up 1 debit card untuk Uber tolak Processing Fee untuk hari kejadian. Okay!

10.   Selamat Memandu!

Okay tu je malam ni, nanti sis cerita pengalaman 1st day sis sebagai pemandu Uber kat Penang naa. Good night!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Final Year Update

Uhhhh, Greetings.

I'm popping in for a bit to update that I am done with my Final Year Project's presentation.
I am done with tests.
But I do have few assignments and reports to be submitted.

The end of my studying 'career' is near but the future is a scary realm that I am excited to enter.

That is all for now.

25th December 2016
4.05 am
Updating my resume with Yana

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Project 10 Pan: First Update + Mini Review

Hello beauties!

This update is long overdue because the first installment of my Project 10 Pan was posted on October 2015. If you are curious on the products I chose for this project you can read all about them HERE.

Let’s get on with the update!

Referring from the original post, I chose 13 products to start the project. Let’s review them one by one:

  1. Elianto Smooth Wear Face Powder
    Since the powder broke on me, I consider it a somewhat of a success (acceptable right???) of finishing it.

    I really loved the powder while it lasted. I won’t be purchasing it any time soon though because I really want to try other powders.

  2. Elianto Miracle Multiplex BB Cream
    I finished up the whole tube of the BB Cream and I am really proud of it! I even cut the tube to scrape off all the leftovers.

    I still do think BB Creams make me look like a zombie hence I have to mix it with a darker foundation. Won’t be repurchasing it because I’m sick of mixing foundations. :(

  3. Elianto Celestial Eyeliner
    I wasn’t able to finish it up since I rarely wear eyeliner anymore. But I do used some of it so I’ll just continue until it is finished.

    A trick I used to ensure it stayed on my eyelids longer than 5 hrs is I top it with powder eye-shadow!

    Here are some of the products left.

  4. Elianto Lip Liner
    I want to be like the girls who take their time to fill in their lips before applying lipstick because it looks good. 

    However, I’m the kind of person who even if I wear foundation (I usually skip foundation) to class, I ALWAYS forget to apply lipstick, let alone taking my time to fill in my lips.

  5. Elianto Satin Matte Rouge Lipstick

    Okay, I let my friend tried mine and she loved it and bought one for herself. Somehow she left her new lipstick in her friend’s car, she went and bought a new one just because she had to have the lipstick. IT IS THAT GOOD!

    I used it so much that I stopped using it because I don’t want it to finish. And I did buy a new lipstick from IN2IT, the color is pretty similar but I still love Elianto’s. I don’t even wear that new lipstick. SMH. 

  6. Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour
    Since it dried on me, I just toss it out. 

    Still do love the lipstick but I might only buy a neutral, everyday colour so that I can wear it every day.

  7. Maybelline Baby Lips
    I kinda forgotten about this because it is always in my bag and I bought a tub of Vaseline. So yeah…….

  8. IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner
    I finish this up and I’m so sad! I will be repurchasing this because it is so good if you have very oily eyelids like me! :D

  9. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge
    I tossed it out because it smells weird and there are something growing on few spots. EUWWW~ 

    It is my fault because I bought it on a whim. In my defense, the aunt was too nice so I feel bad not buying it.


    See! I did not lie when I said Elianto's Lipstick is THE BOMB!

  10. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner
    Didn’t wear it at all because it is dry. I might have to buy Inglot’s Duraline. If it is still wearable, I’ll try and finish it up.

    And If I am able to finish it, I will not repurchase it because in my honest opinion, Maybelline’s gel liner works just as good.

  11. Coastal Scents Pressed Powder Foundation
    I am so sad to announce that I finished it. I can’t even repurchase it since they no longer produce the colour I liked.

  12. Benefit The Porefessional
    I was sucked in the hype to buy this. It was good while it lasted. I do like the texture and how it fills my pores and make them appear smoother. However, it does not help with my oily skin. My foundation breaks up (is this the right words to use??) after 3-4 hours. 

    Won’t be repurchasing it anytime soon, but I do like it. Maybe if my skin is better, I’ll purchase it.

  13. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation
    I mixed this foundation with the BB Creams because it’s a little dark on me. I ended up reselling it on Carousell. 

    Won’t purchase the right color for me because it doesn’t held well with my oily skin.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Carousell is Great for Broke People (+Extra Tips)

You might realize this by now; I really am addicted to Carousell.
Let's get addicted together!

Here's why Carousell is great for us broke people:

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tips: How to Use Carousell Like a Pro

Welcome my lovelies! 

Carousell is a wonderful place but it tends to make first-time user confused.

If you are a first-time Carousell user who just came to know about this amazing place for the first time ever today or if you are confused on how to use Carousell after reading my previous post; How to Buy Makeup When You are Broke, then today is your lucky day!