Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vanity Card #2: Seller with an Attitude

Hello everyone. I'm writing this because I have thought about it a lot and I expressed my confusion to my dad, and he agreed with me.

The issue is: Seller with an Attitude.

The attitude being; the seller who screen-capped the conversation with a potential buyer who happens to cancel last-minute or goes MIA after asking for something the seller is selling.

Before you say I don't have the experience or I don't know how you feel as a seller, I ACTUALLY DO and NO, I am not salty over this matter because I never did back out or MIA from a deal. 

have sold stuff on the internet since 2010 and I have encountered a lot of people who were pleasant to have as a customer as well as the pain-in-the-ass kind. But that doesn't make me want to screen-cap the conversation and post it on the selling platform saying "MIA/BACKOUT BUYER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED".

Here is my POV of the sellers who do it:

1st of all, it is rude. 
Even if you conceal the name of the potential buyer.

2nd, that person you screen-capped can still be a potential buyer. 
If not now, maybe later. But when you screen-cap those conversation and make them public, that person can see it and might never return to you as a customer.

I have had a few potential buyer asked for the items I'm selling and asking for extra picture/information but in the end decided not to buy. Yes, you have to sacrifice some of your time to provide those information but that's how business works. 

I respect their decision because they have the right to ask questions and make a decision to buy of not to buy. It is simple. If they don't want them, you move on with your life.

Some did return as a customer for another item. 

So why do some seller still think it is acceptable to make it a public affair when someone decided to not buy their stuff?

For example, when I'm browsing Carousell and find something I really like, I will check all posts by that particular seller. If he/she posted a screen-cap of MIA / back out buyer, I am immediately turned off by that and will not purchase from them even if they have good reviews. 

That's all I need to get out of my brain about this matter.

How about you? Do you think it is necessary to make it a public affair when people go MIA / back out from a deal?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vanity Card #1: Anything but THAT!

Have you ever feel like you don't want to do anything? 

You just want to lie down, do and think of nothing. 

That's what I have felt since last night. Tried to edit my structural analysis report but ended up distracted with twitter and suddenly I am in bed with my laptop watching Lifesimmer's The Sims 3 Ambition's LP. 

Yeah, totally random.

P/s: I decided to name this kind of short posts "Vanity Card" inspired by Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card that he kindly included at the end of *nearly* every episodes of TV shows he directed. I kept reading them on every episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I've watched all 9 seasons from 3rd November until 28th November. Wow. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guide: How To Determine If You Should Befriend / Sack Your Ex

I typed this post two weeks ago and as per usual, I kept putting off posting it because I have issues with my brain, "Is this post good enough and worth being read?". After careful thought, I decided I should just post it and hope this will help someone if not everyone! 


Based on the title, I will share my thoughts and my “tried and tested ways” to decide if you should befriend your ex or remove her/him from your life for good. 

Should You Befriend OR Sack Your Ex!


Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. 

She/he asked me if in the future she/he happens to encounter a circumstance where the relationship she/he had with a friend of mine ended, would I still befriend she/he. (Sorry with the “she/he” reference, I have to disclose the identity.)

After a few moment of silence, I said, “To me, I find holding on a feeling/situation that has happened in the past very time-consuming and a waste of energy as well as your peace of mind. And yes, I will still be your friend.” Then we fist-bumped. Is it a friends-for-life seal? Probably.

Okay, enough with the preface, let’s get done with business. ;p


Here are the steps I have used and some I added myself (which I think is necessary): 

Determine if she/he has any value for you.

Okay I admit this sounds cold and heartless but to move on with your life and live to the fullest is to be at peace.

Value does not necessarily means “materialistic” or “possessions”.
Value in this context means what effect she/he has on you.

Consider this questions:
Does she/he makes you feel empowered when you were together?
Does she/he treat you with respect when you were together? 
Would you give a second chance to her/him for when your path somehow crosses again?

If the answers are NO, proceed with the next steps. 

Delete/get rid of everything that will remind you of her/him.

There are pictures in your phone and laptop? DELETE THEM.
Those printed pictures/gifts sitting around? DONATE/DISPOSE/BURN (if needed and please do it carefully.)
Connected with social media platforms? UNFRIEND/BLOCK.

The point is, just do something or get rid of what you can so that it can prevent you from stalking / make an attempt to contact / longing for the past relationship that won’t be fruitful (if given the chance to do so). 

Mourn the end of the relationship.

Do whatever floats your boat.

If you feel like crying to your heart’s content, DO IT.
If you want to scream at the top of your lungs till you are out of breath, SCREAM LIKE YOU MEAN IT.
If you want to watch sappy movies, WATCH THEM.
Want to spill the details with a friend? CALL THEM.*

Just do whatever to get it out of your system. It will help you feel better afterward. Yes you might feel like shit for the next few hours, but after a good night sleep (or maybe a few), it will be better.

*P/s: If you decides to do this, please call at an appropriate time and afterwards, please move on with your life and stop complaining. As much as that friend of yours wants to be a supportive friend, calling them at 3 am on work/school night is not ideal and just remember they also have other problems to deal with far more important than your pitiful breakup story.

Spend time for yourself.

Now that you’ve got the feelz out of your system, pay attention on yourself.

Doll yourself up and go out with friends. Pamper yourself with a good spa session. Watch some movies. Go hiking. Go bowling. Karaoke to your heart’s content (preferably Linkin Park songs, maybe you can replace Chester in the future, LOL). Have The Big Bang Theory Marathon. Find a new hobby. 

Reset your focus.

Finally, reset your focus. Focus on how you can make your life better and yourself happier. Set new goals. Have more fun. Stop dwelling on the past.

Life’s wheel keeps moving forward, never backward!


What do you do if you are going through a breakup? Would you still be friends with you ex? Would you still be friends if your friend broke up with your best friend? 

Let’s share our thoughts!

P/s: Currently it is 3.33am on 22nd November and I can't sleep after 2 cups of coffee and I complained I don't have time, but when I rethink what I said, I do have time to binge watch The Big Bang Theory and currently I just started the 1st episode of season 8. WOW. Good job Nazihah. (-_-')

Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Monthly Favorites: June - October: Obsession with Nicki Minaj & Guy Sebastian, Hiking & Puking Milo

This is a long overdue post! 

Had this in my draft for few months and what better way to share with you guys the bits and bobs I've loved these past few months by dumping it all in one lengthy post!

Plus, I don't have any excuses to save my ass. Hahaha. 

Okay let's just get started. 

To get you guys pumped, here are some sneak peaks:

Public transport-taking EPIC FAIL
Loving Nicki Minaj
Obsessing over Guy Sebastian
Hiking & Puking Milo 

Please get 20 cups of coffee or any of your favorite beverage(s) and some popcorn or chips. Mmmmhm popcorn. Can I have some please? Okay I'm distracted. 

Its a long post!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Nazihah Ismail : Project 10 Pan (+ Mini Review of Products for Oily Skin)

Project 10 Pan, I chose you!
Pokemon reference, got it? 

No? Okay. *Sadface.jpg*

After giving some thoughts and seeing how much makeup I have, I decided to participate in this challenge.