Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vanity Card #2: Seller with an Attitude

Hello everyone. I'm writing this because I have thought about it a lot and I expressed my confusion to my dad, and he agreed with me.

The issue is: Seller with an Attitude.

The attitude being; the seller who screen-capped the conversation with a potential buyer who happens to cancel last-minute or goes MIA after asking for something the seller is selling.

Before you say I don't have the experience or I don't know how you feel as a seller, I ACTUALLY DO and NO, I am not salty over this matter because I never did back out or MIA from a deal. 

have sold stuff on the internet since 2010 and I have encountered a lot of people who were pleasant to have as a customer as well as the pain-in-the-ass kind. But that doesn't make me want to screen-cap the conversation and post it on the selling platform saying "MIA/BACKOUT BUYER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED".

Here is my POV of the sellers who do it:

1st of all, it is rude. 
Even if you conceal the name of the potential buyer.

2nd, that person you screen-capped can still be a potential buyer. 
If not now, maybe later. But when you screen-cap those conversation and make them public, that person can see it and might never return to you as a customer.

I have had a few potential buyer asked for the items I'm selling and asking for extra picture/information but in the end decided not to buy. Yes, you have to sacrifice some of your time to provide those information but that's how business works. 

I respect their decision because they have the right to ask questions and make a decision to buy of not to buy. It is simple. If they don't want them, you move on with your life.

Some did return as a customer for another item. 

So why do some seller still think it is acceptable to make it a public affair when someone decided to not buy their stuff?

For example, when I'm browsing Carousell and find something I really like, I will check all posts by that particular seller. If he/she posted a screen-cap of MIA / back out buyer, I am immediately turned off by that and will not purchase from them even if they have good reviews. 

That's all I need to get out of my brain about this matter.

How about you? Do you think it is necessary to make it a public affair when people go MIA / back out from a deal?


ieyra h. said...

OMG SAMEEEE! I completely agree with everything you said in this blog post. I do notice this a lot on Carousell. The thing is, if the seller keep posting all these screencaps, lama-lama potential buyers pun takut & takde mood nak beli. :/

Doriyuckey said...

I know right!

Kesian la customer tu. Lain la kalau dia scammer or just plain rude to the seller. Sigh :\