Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Carousell is Great for Broke People (+Extra Tips)

You might realize this by now; I really am addicted to Carousell.
Let's get addicted together!

Here's why Carousell is great for us broke people:

  • Tons of high-end, drugstore & rare products with cheaper price.

    Cheaper doesn't necessarily means bad quality.

    The trick is, you need to have basic knowledge on the product itself (ie: the retail price, the texture, the function, etc) and compare them with what the seller's description. Please don't be lazy to read!

    If you are not sure about the item you are interested with; PLEASE ask A LOT of question to the seller. You have the right to ask questions and if you decided not to buy, please be responsible and inform the seller. Don't be a MIA buyer ;)

  • Reviews of seller/buyer are available.

    You can make up your mind by checking the good/neutral/bad reviews on seller/buyer account.

    However, if the seller don't have any review, chances are he/she is just getting started.

    Please message the seller and see the way he/she respond to your questions before you assumed he/she is bad seller.

    Do keep in mind, scammer is everywhere, not just in Carousell so please be alert before you make any purchases.

  • You can "Like" a product you want to KIV.

    If you really like the item you found, you can click LIKE on the right of the product picture and you can recheck later.

    However, keep in mind that if the item is a hot item / very cheap compared to other seller's asking price, someone else might snatch it up while you are deciding. D:

  • You can make an offer for cheaper price with the seller.

    Yes you can do so as long as the seller mentioned negotiation is accepted.

    But please make sure the amount you are offering is logical.

     The lipstick is RM5. Postage charge is RM7. ***Don't go and offer the seller:
    "Can I have the lipstick for RM5 including postage" or "Can I have the lipstick for RM10 including postage".

    Postage fee is RM7, not free and the seller still need to take his/her time out of the day to clean, pack & post out your parcel and cars/motorcycle need fuel to move.

    Please be considerate. Put yourself in the situation before you make any offer. :)

    Most seller (including myself) are more than happy to give discount if you purchase in bulk and even throw in freebie(s).

  • You can sell your precious junk to others.

    Don't throw out your items just yet.

    If your makeup products are still in good condition and not expired, you can put it up for sale in Carousell and earn some cash.

    Not just makeup, you can sell clothes, books, old CDs, home appliances and even houses!

Some of my favorite people on Carousell:
  • shopwithshyra - I purchased multiple times from her starting with :D
  • Sarah Chow @ day24-ff - I joined her makeup spree multiple times and she is one of the best spree organizer I have ever joined! 
  • Syaza Ahmad - If you guys don't know her already, you should stalk her on Instagram! 
  • Rai - I always stalk her Carousell & Instagram and you should too!

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