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Tips: How to Use Carousell Like a Pro

Welcome my lovelies! 

Carousell is a wonderful place but it tends to make first-time user confused.

If you are a first-time Carousell user who just came to know about this amazing place for the first time ever today or if you are confused on how to use Carousell after reading my previous post; How to Buy Makeup When You are Broke, then today is your lucky day! 


Yes, today I am sharing with you how to navigate and use Carousell like a Pro! 

I shop in Carousell most (90%) of the time. It is truly a wonderful place to find high quality but cheap makeup among other things! 

However, there are more platform to sell/buy such as, Durianna, Instagram, etc.

I personally prefer Carousell and and I do consider myself as a professional online makeup hunter. 

How to use Carousell:

  1. Carousell Front Page:

    On the top right of the front page, you can click on Login / Sign Up to get started.

  2.  Login/Sign Up

    After you click Login, this will be displayed and you can either log in with Facebook or your registered username.

    If you don't have Carousell account, you can click on "Sign up here" to create one.

  3. Personal Profile Options

    Once you are successfully logged in, this is what the front page will look like.

    On the top right of the front page, you can see a circle and a small triangle. The circle is where your picture should be after you edit your profile (click on Settings to update).

    As you can see, I've labeled a,b and c which I'll explain next:

    • a. Your Activity

      This is what will be displayed. If other Carouseller follows you and like / comment on your product listing, it will be listed here.

    • b. Your Liked Item

      When you click LIKE (refer point 8) on the product listed by others, it will be displayed here.

      This serves as your "wishlist".

    • c. Your/Seller Profile Page & Listing

    Profile page is very important. If you are curious about the seller, you can check their profile page first before browsing their listings.

    i) Basic info on the seller.
    ii) Simple description on seller and how he/she operates in Carousell.
    iii) Reviews left by previous customer and/or seller after a transaction is completed.

  4. Searching Item(s)

    To search an item of your interest, you can search them at the front of the page.

    Example: You want to search for foundation. Type in the search box, select which country you prefer, then click the Search button.

  5. Search Results

    The results is then displayed. However, as you can see it is not as precise because when you type in "Foundation", the result can varies such as foundation, foundation brush, etc.

  6. Categories

    Categories comes in handy to find very specific product. You can choose which category the product you are interested in belong to. Then, search for the product.

  7. Specific Product Search in Specific Category

    If you are interested in makeup products like I do, you can select the Beauty Products and go ballistic with whatever you want to search.

    However, don't be too specific because not all seller type in full/specific name of the product.

  8. Product Display and Information

    After you found the product you are interested in, click on the picture and the product should be displayed as is.

    And as you can see on the right side of the product picture, there are two buttons that you can click.

    If you scroll down, you can see the product description and PLEASE READ THEM. If the seller doesn't provide enough information, then by all means, proceed to the next point.

    If you are interested and have some question on the product, please click "Chat to Buy" button and ASK A LOT. Howeve, please DO NOT make any offer if you haven't make up your mind.

    If you want to explore more options but you want to keep tab on the product you found, click "Like This" button and you can check and compare later.  

I hope this post is beneficial for some of you and let's go shopping/selling stuff on Carousell!

P/s: Again, I am not sponsored by Carousell. I just like to share things I find will be helpful to others.

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