Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips: How to Buy Makeup When You are Broke

If you are like me, a student with no stable income and love makeup and wish you can just walk into a Sephora and waltz out with $1,000,000 worth of makeup products every single time, this post is for you!

I always watch YouTube beauty community's makeup haul and secretly wishes their makeup products should be in my possession, I know I'm living in a real world and my wish would never come true anytime soon. 

To tame my crazy addiction towards makeup (I am still learning to tame them tbh) and I think I'm getting the hang of it, I always search for used high-end makeup on the internet.

Let's be real, as great as the makeup displayed in Sephora, they cost a fortune to buy full-price to find out later you hate them and they end up shove at the bottom of your makeup drawer collecting dust. 

Carousell : Wonderful places to get cheap high-end makeup!
Here are some makeup & other products I purchased through carousell:

  • Tarte Clean Slate Poreless PrimerSephora Retail Price: RM117Carousell Price: RM52 including Poslaju :D

  • Stila Convertible Color 2g (Hibiscus from set of 3)
    Sephora Retail Price: RM95 (full price for 4.5g product)
    Carousell Price: RM28 including Poslaju :D

Now are you convinced that you can still buy high-end product for cheaper price? 

If yes, what are you waiting for?!

Go to Carousell and start browsing! And if you are curious what I have on my listing, you can check HERE! :D

P/s: Nope, Carousell does not sponsor me. I share this so that we can save money on expensive products by buying it cheaper online! Cheers for more makeup!

Here's the sneak peak of my listings:

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