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2015 Monthly Favorites: June - October: Obsession with Nicki Minaj & Guy Sebastian, Hiking & Puking Milo

This is a long overdue post! 

Had this in my draft for few months and what better way to share with you guys the bits and bobs I've loved these past few months by dumping it all in one lengthy post!

Plus, I don't have any excuses to save my ass. Hahaha. 

Okay let's just get started. 

To get you guys pumped, here are some sneak peaks:

Public transport-taking EPIC FAIL
Loving Nicki Minaj
Obsessing over Guy Sebastian
Hiking & Puking Milo 

Please get 20 cups of coffee or any of your favorite beverage(s) and some popcorn or chips. Mmmmhm popcorn. Can I have some please? Okay I'm distracted. 

Its a long post!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Public Transport Noob

If there is something you need to know about me is that I can be extremely clumsy especially if I spaced out. And this occurs 80% of the time ever since I breath fire on this Earth.

On my semester (August) break, my friends and I planned to meet up at Masjid Jamek to shop till we drop (we did, seriously). 

Being a clumsy human being and the fact that I rarely take public transport (when I am alone), I have to take the train from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Masjid Jamek.

There is two lines of train (which uses the same track, you get what I mean?) and of course I took the wrong train. I should take the Kelana Jaya line and I did but the train stop at Petaling Jaya stops (I ended up in Bukit Jalil station). 

At first I thought it was just a technical problem of some sort so I stepped out of the train and change to the other side of the station (my natural instinct obviously failing). Maybe I'm too focused on my friends' texts blowing up on my phone, I just got in the train without checking the sign telling which line of train it's heading and sat down and the same thing happens. The train kept on stopping at the wrong stations and I started panicking.  

Then I decided to get off the train and text my friends. And they are already at Masjid Jamek (great, now I'm late). 

FYI, I am born and raised in Selangor for 17 years (I did take out 7 years considering the fact that I spent those years studying in Penang, not that I am faking my age. I'm 24 BTW!) and I always take public transport with my parents (KL traffic on the weekends are not fun) growing up but I AM FREAKING NOOB as I get older matured. SMH. 


My friends are from Penang (currently studying in KL) are experts. And they picked me up (they are my knights in girly armor) and finally after nearly 2 hours, we arrived safely at Masjid Jamek.

So here is my punishment of the day. My crazy friends INSISTED I take a picture in front of Masjid Jamek sign. 

My punishment of the day. I love this crazy kids. :D
Picture of Fatin, Ain and yours truly ;)

Hiking & Puking Milo

I went hing with my friends on 31st October and in all honesty, I'm losing in the stamina department. 


Anyway, we decided to go hiking at Taman Negara, Penang and we took the Kerachut Beach route. Since it's been a while since I last do any stamina-required activities (OH BITE ME, judge me all you want) I started panting and was out of breath by 10 minutes mark of our hike. 

So my friends had to wait for my breathing to readjust (for a lack of better word, or maybe I just don't want to sound overly pathetic), I started feeling a little funny. I find a place away from my friends and started puking the Milo I drank 2 hours ago. How is that even possible is beyond me.

But recalling the last time I went hiking with my brother at Broga Hill, I made the same mistake of having breakfast before the hike and I puke twice throughout the journey to the first peak. My Goodness. *facepalm*

Which book(s) did you read?

Sadly the only book I read flips through was IKEA's Catalog.

Favorite movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos?

  • Insidious 3
  • Hitman A47
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial

Okay hold up! Who else is not as satisfied as I am with The Scorch Trial?

Yes, I read the book in 2014 and even though I only remember the story line hazily (did you get the pun? Hazily = Haze = Haze in Malaysia? NO? Okay never mind, just keep reading, I'm sorry) but I know the movie left out a LOT of important scenes & character development wasn't as in-depth as the book, which makes those who didn't read the book kinda lost after the movie.


The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can feel my heartbeat nearly stops every time bad things happen in the book!

So much plot twists!

I might read this book again just because I wasn't paying much attention from the start of the book due to so many distractions while in the train.

Started got sucked in the book starting around page 250.


P/s: I am so excited to continue the next book but I shall continue studying for my Deutsch test tomorrow!

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TV Shows

  • The Return of Superman

This Korean TV Show is PERFECT for those who still thinks only women is responsible to take care of the kids. Watch this show and it will open your eyes with so many possibilities and those kids are too cute to not watch! You can watch online HERE (I am not sponsored! I'm just helping so that you don't have to search for the links and save your precious time. My pleasure.)

  • Younger

Okay lets talk about this show for a bit. It is so good I can't wait for the second season! 

I was intrigued by this show purely because Hilary Duff is in it but watching the relationship between Sutton Foster (as Liza, a 40 years old single mother) and Nico Tortorella (as Josh, a 26 years old guy) develops into something so beautiful even though Liza have so much on her plate among other things.

I don't want to talk too much, JUST WATCH IT I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!


Her makeup tutorials are amazing and she really deserve the "Queen of Blending" title!

Her videos make me want to pack up my whole life and just move to Hawaii. Her cottage is so cute and cozy you will not want a huge house in your life ever! Plus her makeup decluttering videos will make you reconsider your makeup-buying-decisions and your whole makeup collections.


This girl is talented and her glowing makeup makes me want to dump 100 pounds of highlighters all over my body!

Something that made you proud of yourself?

Ever since I decided to get serious in being a "Part-time Business Owner", I've sworn to myself that I should study how to use the Facebook advertisement to boost my updates. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I learn from reading lots of Malaysian's Internet Telemarketer blogs such as Firdaus Azizi's blog

In order to get the cheapest "pay per engagement" bid, I've tried multiple methods including trial-and-error as well as split testing and I am starting to understand how this magical thing work.  I do need to study more and I am planning on joining Facebook Marketing Classes in the near future (on my semester break) since most of the classes are held in Bangi / Shah Alam area. 

Facebook Advertisement Targeting Malaysians.

Here are few classes options if you are interested in studying and polishing/increasing your knowledge on Facebook Marketing:

Click on any of the options should you interested in learning. 

Did you travel anywhere?

My semester break was on July for a little over a month and I spent about 3 weeks in Selangor after Eid-ul Fitr. Usually both my brother and I are busy working part-time but due to our very short break, none want to hire us, so we had our own adventures. 

Malacca Day Trip

This was an impromptu trip. You know how it goes right? You planned a trip for nearly a week and nothing happens but when you decided "Let's-go-to-(insert a place)-tomorrow" and BOOM it happens!

We started our day by eating Assam Pedas which is a famous local dish. It is just the perfect amount of spicy and sour in a dish. I didn't take any picture because we scarfed down our foods were too hungry to take any.

Then we visited one of the historical places in Malacca; St.Paul's Church/Hill. Even though the building is not as perfect as it used to, the interior and structure is still in a great condition. We met and talked to a local artist that dedicates his time to perfect his craft while taking care of 2 adorable kittens!


Visiting St.Paul's Church/Hill, Pantai Klebang

Then we decided to cool off at Pantai Klebang. Of course we had those touristy jumping photo-op while we are fooling around at the beach before we decided to have the cooling and yummy Coconut Shake. 

We ended our short trip by eating more foods and Assam Pedas Claypot was our choice. My brother and I shared a set (for 2 people) and it was yummy. Yes I am sweating profusely (not a cute way to describe my bodily function...ignore it) by the end of dinner but IT WAS SO GOOD!

Malaysia's Independent Day Celebration

This is the same case as the Malacca trip. Haha. We decided to go to Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on 31st August to join in all the sweaty crowd. 

Since we arrived after 8.05 am, the seats nearest to have the perfect vision of the parade was full and everybody squished together and it is not a pleasant situation and let me tell you the smell of some people can make you vomit. (My goodness, how hard is it to put on deodorant and some perfume?)

So we moved towards a more spacious place (which is too far away from the parade) and chat with an Indian uncle who brought his video recorder and since I'm short I just watch the parade through the uncle's recorder display.

Kind of a fail day but we got to spend the time together so, ALL IS WELL.

After awhile, we got over the "Let's be a group of pumped Malaysian and celebrate Independent day" to let's go shopping since we are near to Sogo & Masjid Jamek. 

We nearly broke our feet since we walk from LRT Masjid Jamek - the very front of the parade (and squished by others) - Masjid Jamek - Jalan TAR - Sogo 1st lvl to the very top and then we took the monorail to Times Square and walk some more to Pavilion.

By the time we reached Pavilion, we are dying of thirst and we are hungry. Met some of Eton's friends and had "lunch + dinner". We don't even feel like we want to move off the seat because our feet are killing our souls to no end. 

Those are considered travelling right? :P 

Which food did you try and loved?

Malacca's Assam Pedas (always have been my favorite food anyway).

RMSY's Famous Cheese Naan

YAAAAAAAAAAAAS I finally tried it and yes it is great! The cheese was oozing (I kid you not) from the center of the naan and I was debating on robbing their fridge full of mozzarella cheese! HAHAHA.

Okay I didn't rob anyone if you are concerned.


Favorite song(s) that you have been listening to?

I've listened to a bunch of Nicki Minaj's songs among other songs!

Okay, I've had Nicki Minaj's albums in my laptop but I never really gave them chance. I'm a creature of habit so I only listened to Super Bass, Anaconda & Moment 4 Life. But I was curious and gave the other songs a go and listen to ALL of them and now I'm obsessed with the other songs:

Nicki Minaj

- Get on Your Knees (ft. Ariana Grande)
- Moment 4 Life (ft. Drake)
- Last Chance (ft. Natasha Beddingfield)
- Only (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)
- Feeling Myself (ft. Beyonce)
- Grand Piano

P/s: Usually I can't handle Ariana Grande's voice but for some odd reason I LOVED her voice in Get on Your Knees. Hmmm. Weird huh?

Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars

Okay to be perfectly honest, I don't even know this song was from 3 years ago. I found the music video through a friend and I watch it. I knew I listened to the song in the past but I didn't even know it was Guy Sebastian's song!

Something you should know about me is I used to be OBSESSED with Guy Sebastian back when Australia Idol started and he won.

Now that I found his music & new songs, its like falling in love for the first time again. Okay, I know he is married and have children but LET ME LOVE HIM.



He is Bae!
He's so yummy. Oh god. Okay WHAT.
(Pic credit to YouTube)

Some other songs I've been obsessing for few months:

ASAP ROCKY - Fuckin' Problem
Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang
T.Mills - The Boom

Favorite products, accessories, clothes, etc?

Tea Tree Oil, Printed Crepe Scarf, My crazy Pineapple Totebag
What's a monthly favorite without the items I wore nearly on everyday basis.

  • Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Oil
    This is a wonderful product. Just slap it on my face every morning and night before sleep, keeps my pimples away!

  • Moss Crepe Scarfs
    These babies are gifts from heaven! I am a lazy girl when it comes to prepare my scarfs so I always opt for the "express scarf". With these, I don't need to iron them, just secure with pins and I am off to class!

  • "Crazy Pineapple" Tote Bag (Custom-made)
    This bag is hand-drawn and painted by my talented friend; Ain Sakinah. You can just throw any design at her and she will fix you up real good!

    You can check out more designs on her Instagram.

These are my favorite people ever. They are my friends, sisters and overall crazy but lovely darlings.

What did you learn?

I was sucked into the whole Strobbing Technique.

I'm obsessed with "Strobing" Technique as well as putting eye shadows on my eyeballs eyelids! 

I bought the Iconic Palette from Makeup Revolution and used it non stop for a month and I hit pan on the "champagne" color. I use it on my eyelids and as highlighter too. It's so pretty!

Please excuse my shiny nose. Ergh. I yes I know I still need to work on my eyeliner game. 


You made it to the end. 
Here's some Hot Fudge Ice Cream for ya!

Chocolate Goodness on Plain Vanilla!

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